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Access Conference - Video Set

Access Conference - Video Set
Access 2016 - NZ Conference

8 Session MP4 Video Set

Featured speakers are Ian Clayton, Marios Ellinas and Karl Whitehead.

This video conference set includes the following sessions
  • (Thu 01) You Are Not Human - Ian Clayton
  • (Fri 01) Solomon and Sheva - Mario Ellinas
  • (Fri 02) Ezekiel's Chariot - Ian Clayton
  • (Fri 03) In the Cloud - Karl Whitehead
  • (Fri 04) Hiddeness Life Cycle - Marios Ellinas
  • (Sat 01) Access - Marios Ellinas
  • (Sat 02) Let Your Light Shine - Ian Clayton
  • (Sat 04) Interactive Relationship - Ian Clayton

Please Note : These MP4 Video files are SD quality and range from 720MB to 1.5GB in size. If you are using an iOS device, make sure you use a Download Manager to save the files to your device, otherwise these files will stream instead of downloading.

Our PriceNZ$80.00
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Cardiff Living Letters School
In this five session series, recorded at the Cardiff Living Letters School, Karl Whitehead teaches on the living letters of the Aleph-Bet. 

Each of the letters from the Hebrew Alphabet, has a living nature that we are able to learn about and engage, so that we can go deeper into the living expression of G-d's Word. 

In this set you will be taught about each of the letters and the living expression of G-d's nature that they embody and how these living letters combine to express G-d in creation and beyond.

This set includes the following sessions:

  • The Aleph-Bet (An introduction to the 22 letters)
  • The Shin in Shalom (G-d's expression of devine peace)
  • Simcha (Joy that shakes creation)
  • The House (In His House)
  • Becoming (Moshe's journey through fire)
Our Price: NZ$20.00

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How Intent Engages Light
Light has fascinated and baffled scientists by its behavior for centuries. When light is observed it behaves in a strangely intelligent manner, as if it was aware that it was being observed. 

In this teaching, Ian Clayton speaks about how light responds to the intent of our desire and how this effects the way we should view creation around us.
Our Price: NZ$5.00

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The Flaming Sword
In the book of Genesis, we see an extraordinary account of Cherubim and a Flaming Sword, guarding the Way of the Tree of Life. In this teaching Ian Clayton delves into the nature of our engagement going through the flaming sword and his experience within the supernatural fire of G-d.

This Teaching contains the following session
  • The Flaming Sword
Our Price: NZ$5.00

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