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How Intent Engages Light

How Intent Engages Light
Light has fascinated and baffled scientists by its behavior for centuries. When light is observed it behaves in a strangely intelligent manner, as if it was aware that it was being observed. 

In this teaching, Ian Clayton speaks about how light responds to the intent of our desire and how this effects the way we should view creation around us.
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The Waters

There are 5 sources of water that are predominately mentioned in the bible. They are wells, well springs, rivers, streams in the desert and there’s a rock.

Once you can get to grips with the supply that God has for your life and what is supposed to be flowing through your life into the world around you, you’ll get an idea of what He wants to do.

In this teaching Ian Clayton explains how each of these water supplies can be active in our own life.

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Joints and Marrow
Hebrews 4:12 talks about the dividing of soul and spirit, joints and marrow. In this teaching set Ian Clayton completes a three part set about this passage and his experience with learning what it means to have the Word of God divide joints and marrow.

This teaching set follows on from Dividing Soul and Spirit and Thoughts and Intents.
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Riot Conference
Recorded at our 2015 New Zealand Conference, Riot is a deep foray in to the hidden mysteries of God. This conference features sessions by Kevin Thompson, Milly Bennitt, Karl Whitehead and Ian Clayton.

This conference includes the following sessions
Into the Mysteries - Ian Clayton
Setting a New Precedent - Kevin Thompson
House of Desire - Karl Whitehead
Through the Matrix - Ian Clayton
Perception - Kevin Thompson
His Love - Milly Bennitt
Something Better - Kevin Thompson
Other Races - Ian Clayton

Please Note : Unfortunately we do not currently have any of the diagrams that were drawn by Ian during his sessions.
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Cardiff Living Letters School
In this five session series, recorded at the Cardiff Living Letters School, Karl Whitehead teaches on the living letters of the Aleph-Bet. 

Each of the letters from the Hebrew Alphabet, has a living nature that we are able to learn about and engage, so that we can go deeper into the living expression of G-d's Word. 

In this set you will be taught about each of the letters and the living expression of G-d's nature that they embody and how these living letters combine to express G-d in creation and beyond.

This set includes the following sessions:

  • The Aleph-Bet (An introduction to the 22 letters)
  • The Shin in Shalom (G-d's expression of devine peace)
  • Simcha (Joy that shakes creation)
  • The House (In His House)
  • Becoming (Moshe's journey through fire)
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