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Cardiff Living Letters School

Cardiff Living Letters School
In this five session series, recorded at the Cardiff Living Letters School, Karl Whitehead teaches on the living letters of the Aleph-Bet. 

Each of the letters from the Hebrew Alphabet, has a living nature that we are able to learn about and engage, so that we can go deeper into the living expression of G-d's Word. 

In this set you will be taught about each of the letters and the living expression of G-d's nature that they embody and how these living letters combine to express G-d in creation and beyond.

This set includes the following sessions:

  • The Aleph-Bet (An introduction to the 22 letters)
  • The Shin in Shalom (G-d's expression of devine peace)
  • Simcha (Joy that shakes creation)
  • The House (In His House)
  • Becoming (Moshe's journey through fire)
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Covenants of God

In this series Ian teaches us about:

The Covenant of Adoption
The Covenant of Promise
The Covenant of Blood

Every believer needs a solid understanding of the covenants God has with us. The depth of our understanding of these covenants is what makes us overcomers. If we do not know what God has promised, how can we lay hold of it?

These Teaching Sessions also feature in the Inheriting Your Birthright Teaching Set
Our Price: NZ$15.00

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Kingdom Warfare
Spiritual warfare is one of the most discussed and written about topics in church history. Yet many believers still feel ill-equipped and terrified when confronted by the spirit world that permeates the atmosphere of the kingdom of the earth. 

In this teaching set, Ian Clayton speaks about his walk in the arena of spiritual warfare and the lessons he has learnt.

This teaching set includes the following sessions:

  • The Cross
  • Armoured
  • The Way of Rest
  • Presence Driven Warfare
Our Price: NZ$20.00

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Jacob's Ladder
Recorded at the 2014 Jacob's Ladder Conference.

This conference set has a strong focus on our role as administrators and overseers of God's amazing creation, and a deeper understanding of how the eternal nature of God is expressed through us.

This conference set also contains the 3 teaching sessions taken by Dr Adonijah Ogbannaya.

Sessions included are:
  • Hand of God
  • The Framing Flame
  • Tree of Life (Dr O)
  • Our Function in the Stars
  • Moving Your Mountain
  • Rest at His Table
  • The Twelve Houses
  • Creating in the Spirit (Dr O)
  • Revolution Responsibility
  • God's Crowns (Dr O)
Our Price: NZ$50.00

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