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Genesis 2:4 "These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens"


In this 3 part teaching set, Ian Clayton speaks about what it means to be in the Beginning, 1st and 2nd creation and the sons God created in Genesis chapter 1.

This teaching set contains the following sessions

  • In the Beginning
  • The 8th Day
  • Other Realms


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Next Generation

Includes the following sessions:

  • Engaging Your Spirit Man
  • Armoured For Battle
  • Familiar Spirits
  • The Law of Faith
  • Cleansing the Imaginations
  • Doorways
  • Exploring the Spirit
  • Garden of Eden
  • The Four Faces of God
  • DNA
Our Price: NZ$50.00

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DNA of God

This message is for all the Sons of God

If God really is our Father, we should carry the same DNA as Him. We should look like him.

Ian shares with us from his personal encounters in the Supernatural realm, how he was taught about the DNA of God. He opens to us the deeper teaching Jesus was giving at the Last Supper when He instituted the Communion meal.

Learn how Christ in us, truly is the hope of glory!

These teaching sessions also feature in the Next Generation and Realms of the Kingdom Conference Sets


Our Price: NZ$10.00

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God's Garden My Garden

When God created man, He set him in a garden in Eden. This set a pattern for us. The garden in Eden is the place where God talked with Adam in the cool of the evening. The garden is still the place where God longs for fellowship with man. 

Learn about the garden of God and how to access it. Learn how to tend the garden of your heart and keep it tender towards the Lord. As with Adam, God is looking to fellowship with you in His garden. This teaching will help you to find the garden and a fresh daily fellowship with the Lord.

This teaching set contains

  • Building a Garden in Your Heart
  • Walking in Eden

These teaching sessions also feature in the Enter In 2008 and Realms of the Kingdom Conference Sets


Our Price: NZ$10.00

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The Night Watch
In the natural we understand that our bodies require sleep to recharge and heal. But what about our spirit and soul? What is the night watch?

In this teaching set Ian speaks about how the night watch is the time for us to engage the Kingdom of Heaven to function in the full of capacity of our true selves while our bodies sleep.
Our Price: NZ$5.00

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A Living Sacrifice
Why are we asked to present ourselves as a living sacrifice?

In this Teaching Set, Ian Clayton discusses Romans 12:1. How to present ourselves, the role of the High Priest and being acceptable.
Our Price: NZ$5.00

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