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Conference Collection Pack 3

Conference Collection Pack 3
This conference collection pack is part three of a three part collection.
For those interested in purchasing all our current conference sets, these collection packs are put together for ease of purchase.
This collection contains the following Conference Sets and corresponding files :

Next Generation
Engaging Your Spirit Man, Armed for Battle, Familiar Spirits, The Law of Faith, Cleansing the Imaginations, Doorways, Exploring the Spirit, Garden of Eden, The Four Faces of God, DNA
Realms of the Kingdom
Familiar Spirits, Opening Up the Word, Gateways, Using the Word as a Gateway, Dealing with Images in Your Mind, Walking in Eden, The Covenant of Promise, Building a String Spirit, What To Do When You Get There, Armoured for Battle, Rich Man Wise Steward, The Body and Blood of Christ, Embracing Your Business
Supernatural Encounters 101
Gateways, The Dark Cloud, Using the Word as a Gateway, Unrepented Imaginations, How to Build a Strong Spirit, The Courtroom of God, The Human Mind, Crowns, Accessing the Presence, Entering the Kingdom of God, The River, Eden, Gateways of the Threefold Nature of Man PDF Manual
Supernatural Encounters 102
DNA, The Covenant of the Blood, Covenant of Adoption, The Seven Spirits of God, The Physics of the Spirit Realm, The Throne of Grace, The Trophy Room of Satan, Dry Bones Live
Supernatural Encounters 103
Encountering the Presence of God, Profile of the Supernatural, The Speed of Light, The Throne of Grace, Physics, The Profile of the DNA, Embracing the Beloved
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Supernatural Encounters 101

This conference set is the first part in our foundational Supernatural Encounters Series.

Includes the following sessions :

  • Gateways
  • The Dark Cloud
  • Using the Word as a Doorway
  • Unrepented Imaginations
  • How to Build A Strong Spirit
  • The Courtroom of God
  • The Human Mind
  • Crowns
  • Accessing the Presence
  • Entering the Kingdom of God
  • The River
  • Eden
This Conference Set also includes the PDF version of the Gateways of the Threefold Nature of Man manual
Our Price: NZ$70.00

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