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Conference Collection Pack 2

Conference Collection Pack 2
This conference collection pack is part two of a three part collection.

For those interested in purchasing all our current conference sets, these collection packs are put together for ease of purchase.

This collection contains the following Conference Sets and corresponding files :

Kingdom Life
I Am a Spirit Being, Profiling the Spirit World, The Way We Think, Divorcing Jezebel, Mysteries of the Kingdom, Baptisms Blood and Body of Christ, Law of the Spirit of Life, The Speed of Light
Kingdom Mysteries 1
Kingdom Foundation, Foundation for Heavenly Trading, Kingdom Government and Operation for Trading, Living in the Word, The Spirit of Just Men Made Righteous, Question and Answer, Being in the Spirit - Faces of God
Kingdom Mysteries 2
The Way of the Kingdom, THe Practice of the Way of the Kingdom, Engaging the Realms of the Kingdom, Kingdom Governmental Structure, Angelic Realm, The Government of the Seat of Rest
Kingdom Mysteries 3
Kingdom Realms, Walking in the Light, Gateways of the Menorah, Dividing Spirit and Soul, Iniquity Transgression and Sin, The Courts of Heaven, The Angelic Realms, Menorah Charts PDF
Manchester School 2009
Accessing the Presence, Heavenly Trading, Kingdom Foundations, Using the Word as a Gateway, Gateways, Foundation for Heavenly Trading, Dealing with Spiritual Attack, The Baptisms, Unrepented Images, Images and Nightwatch, Gates, Satans Trophy Room, Familiar Spirits, His Righteousness, The Seed of His Kingdom Within Us, Boundary Stone, The Crowns
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Kingdom Life

Includes the following sessions:

  • I am a Spirit Being
  • Profiling the Spirit World
  • The Way We Think
  • Divorcing Jeezebel
  • Mysteries of the Kingdom
  • Baptisms, Blood and Body of Christ
  • Law of the Spirit
  • The Speed of Light
Our Price: NZ$40.00

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Kingdom Mysteries

Includes the following sessions:

  • Kingdom Foundation
  • Foundation for Heavenly Trading
  • Kingdom Government and Operation for Trading
  • Living in the Word
  • The Spirit of Just Men Made Righteous
  • Question and Answer
  • Being in the Spirit / Faces of God
Our Price: NZ$35.00

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Manchester School 2009

Held in Manchester England, this conference covers many foundational topics

Includes the following sessions:

  • Accessing the Presence
  • Heavenly Trading
  • Kingdom Foundations
  • Using the Word as a Gateway
  • Gateways
  • Foundation for Heavenly Trading
  • Dealing With Spiritual Attack
  • The Baptisms
  • Unrepented Images
  • Images and the Nightwatch
  • Gates
  • Satans Trophy Room
  • Familiar Spirits
  • His Righteousness
  • The Seed of His Kingdom Within Us
  • Boundary Stone
  • The Crowns


Our Price: NZ$85.00

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