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Conference Collection Pack 1

Conference Collection Pack 1
This conference collection pack is part one of a three part collection.

For those interested in purchasing all our current conference sets, these collection packs are put together for ease of purchase.

This collection contains the following Conference Sets and corresponding files :

Cardiff School 2009
Kingdom Foundations, Heavenly Trading Part 1, Heavenly Trading Part 2, Mountains and Finance, Restored Heart, The Word as a Doorway, Men in White Linen, Screen of the Mind, Seven Spirits of God, Speed of Light, Faces of the Father, Communion, Walking in Eden, The Dark Cloud
Discovering the Dimensions
Where Have I Come From, In Eden Part 1, In Eden Part 2, God's DNA
Enter In
Engaging the Kingdom, Knowledge About Your Spirit Man, Baptised in the River of Glory, Armoured for Battle, Everlasting Doors, Covenant of Adoption, Building a Garden in Your Heart, The Dark Vale of His Presence, Men in White Linen, The Seven Spirits of God, DNA of God
Hidden Agenda
Christ in me the Hope of Glory, The Restoration of All Things, Kingdom Reality, Three Standed DNA, Spirit of Intimidation, The Reformation of All Things, Quantum Interface, Know What You Carry, The Spirit of Wisdom
Intense Spiritual Workshop
Profile of the DNA, Cleansing of the Blood, Gateways, The Human Mind, Embracing the Presence of God, Building the Spirit Man, Using the Word as a Gateway, Taking Back My Crowns, The Garden of Eden
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Cardiff School 2009

In 2009 Ian made his first ministry trip to Wales. This conference set is made up of foundational topics that teach on our lives in the Kingdom of God

The sessions included are:

  • Kingdom Foundations
  • Heavenly Trading Part 1
  • Heavenly Trading Part 2
  • Mountains and Finance
  • Restored Heart
  • The Word as a Doorway
  • Men in White Linen
  • Screen of Your Mind
  • Seven Spirits of God
  • Speed of Light
  • Face of the Father
  • Communion
  • Walking in Eden
  • The Dark Cloud
  • Our Price: NZ$70.00

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    Discovering the Dimensions

    Conference sessions include :

    • Where Have I Come From
    • In Eden Part 1
    • In Eden Part 2
    • Gods DNA
    Our Price: NZ$20.00

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