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Gateways of the Threefold Nature of Man

Gateways of the Threefold Nature of Man
The Gateways of the Threefold Nature of Man Manual walks through activating and opening the gateways of your spirit, soul and body to flow with the Kingdom of God within you, from the inside out.

Includes :
  • Gateways of the Threefold Nature of Man Manual
  • Gateways MP3 Teaching Session

This manual and MP3 teaching session are also included in the Supernatural Encounters 101 Set

Please note : The manual is currently only supplied as a downloadable PDF.
Our PriceNZ$15.00
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Next Generation

Includes the following sessions:

  • Engaging Your Spirit Man
  • Armoured For Battle
  • Familiar Spirits
  • The Law of Faith
  • Cleansing the Imaginations
  • Doorways
  • Exploring the Spirit
  • Garden of Eden
  • The Four Faces of God
  • DNA
Our Price: NZ$50.00

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Realms of the Kingdom

Includes the following sessions:

  • Familiar Spirits
  • Opening Up the Word
  • Gateways
  • Using the Word as a Gateway
  • Dealing With Images in Your Mind
  • Walking in Eden
  • The Covenant of Promise
  • Building a Strong Spirit
  • What To Do When You Get There
  • Armoured For Battle
  • Rich Man Wise Steward
  • The Body and Blood of Christ
  • Embracing Your Business
Our Price: NZ$65.00

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The Spirit of Wisdom
Who is the Spirit of Wisdom and how do we engage Wisdom in our own personal lives?

In this 3 part teaching set Ian Clayton speaks about his personal experience in engaging Wisdom.

This teaching set includes the following sessions:
  • The Function of Wisdom
  • The Mark of Wisdom
  • The Engagement of Wisdom
Our Price: NZ$15.00

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