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Thoughts and Intents

Thoughts and Intents
Are our thoughts the intents of our hearts?
How do we judge the intents of our hearts and cleanse the thoughts of our minds?

In this MP3 Teaching Session, Ian talks about our thoughts and intents. How to bring the intents of our hearts into line with the desires of God and how to deal with the thoughts of our minds.
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Knowing Your Enemy

This Teaching Set includes the following sessions:

  • Dealing with Demonic Spirits
  • Right Relationship to Authority
  • Keys to Renewing Your Mind
  • The Spirit of Delilah
  • The Assault of the Spirit of Cain
  • The Spirit of Murder
  • Confronting the Spirit of Control
  • Dealing With Spiritual Attack
Our Price: NZ$40.00

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The Testimony of Your Scroll
In this Teaching Set Ian explains how each person receives their scroll out of heaven at the time of conception.

He then teaches how one can unfold that during your life and work with God’s presence and government to fulfill it. 
Our Price: NZ$5.00

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The Night Watch
In the natural we understand that our bodies require sleep to recharge and heal. But what about our spirit and soul? What is the night watch?

In this teaching set Ian speaks about how the night watch is the time for us to engage the Kingdom of Heaven to function in the full of capacity of our true selves while our bodies sleep.
Our Price: NZ$5.00

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Spiritual Resistance MP3 Teaching Set
How do we recognize spiritual resistance in our lives?

In this teaching set, Ian Clayton lays a scriptural foundation on how to recognize and overcome spiritual resistance.

Our Price: NZ$10.00

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The Spirit of Wisdom
Who is the Spirit of Wisdom and how do we engage Wisdom in our own personal lives?

In this 3 part teaching set Ian Clayton speaks about his personal experience in engaging Wisdom.

This teaching set includes the following sessions:
  • The Function of Wisdom
  • The Mark of Wisdom
  • The Engagement of Wisdom
Our Price: NZ$15.00

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