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This Is Who I Am

This Is Who I Am
In this teaching set we have pulled together 6 teaching sessions that focus on the reality of who we are as sons of God.

the following teaching sessions are included:
  • Bearing His Name
  • The Baptism of Unity
  • Engaging the Favour of God
  • Being in the Spirit
  • Sonship Protocol
  • Your Function as a Son
Our PriceNZ$30.00
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Strengthen Your Spirit

This Teaching Set includes the following sessions:

  • Authority Our Righteousness
  • Dealing With Your Golden Image
  • Christ In You the Hope of Glory
  • Faith How To Build It
  • Grow Your Spirit
  • Building A Strong Spirit
  • Word Exercise For the Soul and Spirit
  • Gateways of our Threefold Nature
Our Price: NZ$40.00

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The Testimony of Your Scroll
In this Teaching Set Ian explains how each person receives their scroll out of heaven at the time of conception.

He then teaches how one can unfold that during your life and work with God’s presence and government to fulfill it. 
Our Price: NZ$5.00

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Understanding Angels
The Bible is full of angelic encounters. In this Teaching Set, Ian speaks about how we can and should engage the angelic realm.
  • The Angelic Canopy
  • Engaging The Angelic Realm
  • Cherubim (Please note that the audio in this session is of a lower quality)
  • Seraphim and Fire
  • Engaging the Angelic Realm 2
Our Price: NZ$25.00

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Spiritual Resistance MP3 Teaching Set
How do we recognize spiritual resistance in our lives?

In this teaching set, Ian Clayton lays a scriptural foundation on how to recognize and overcome spiritual resistance.

Our Price: NZ$10.00

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