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This Is Who I Am

This Is Who I Am
In this teaching set we have pulled together 6 teaching sessions that focus on the reality of who we are as sons of God.

the following teaching sessions are included:
  • Bearing His Name
  • The Baptism of Unity
  • Engaging the Favour of God
  • Being in the Spirit
  • Sonship Protocol
  • Your Function as a Son
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Knowing Your Enemy

This Teaching Set includes the following sessions:

  • Dealing with Demonic Spirits
  • Right Relationship to Authority
  • Keys to Renewing Your Mind
  • The Spirit of Delilah
  • The Assault of the Spirit of Cain
  • The Spirit of Murder
  • Confronting the Spirit of Control
  • Dealing With Spiritual Attack
Our Price: NZ$40.00

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Spiritual Resistance MP3 Teaching Set
How do we recognize spiritual resistance in our lives?

In this teaching set, Ian Clayton lays a scriptural foundation on how to recognize and overcome spiritual resistance.

Our Price: NZ$10.00

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