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Four Faces of God

Four Faces of God

In this teaching Set, Ian shares revelation on the Four Faces of God. The Lion, Ox, Eagle and Man. Each face depicts a dimension of His character that we need to grasp.

The anointing under which Ian shares this message will draw you into more intimate relationship with Father God.

This teaching session also features in the Next Generation Conference Set


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Boundary Stone
In this Teaching Set, Ian teaches on what a Boundary Stone is and why it is important for us as believers to set them up in our lives.
This is an important message, filled with revelational jewels thrown in for you to go and study out.

This Teaching Session also features in the Manchester School 2009 Conference Set
Our Price: NZ$5.00

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Kingdom Stewardship
Rich Man or Wise Steward?

We all know that God requires us to be wise stewards, but what does that mean practically? In this excellent 2 part teaching, Ian highlights the characteristics of a steward and also how to impliment them in our lives. 

He looks at setting priorities in the life of a Kingdom businessperson and how to manage your business from a Kingdom perspective. THis teaching gives practical tools to help us administrate our business from a heavenly perspective.

This teaching session also features in the Realms of the Kingdom Conference Set
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Knowing Holy Spirit
In this four part teaching set, Ian teaches on pursuing the person who we know as the Holy Spirit.

Our relationship with Holy Spirit is foundational in our walk  and intimacy with God, yet many of us struggle with the reality of who He is and knowing Him beyond a scriptural knowledge of what the bible says about Him.

This teaching set will challenge you to renew your passion for intimacy with Holy Spirit.

The sessions included are:
  • Personality of the Holy Spirit
  • The Deep Love of the Holy Spirit
  • The Work of the Holy Spirit
  • Understanding the Holy Spirit
Our Price: NZ$20.00

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The Night Watch
In the natural we understand that our bodies require sleep to recharge and heal. But what about our spirit and soul? What is the night watch?

In this teaching set Ian speaks about how the night watch is the time for us to engage the Kingdom of Heaven to function in the full of capacity of our true selves while our bodies sleep.
Our Price: NZ$5.00

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Dividing Soul and Spirit
Hebrews 4:12 "For the Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and joints and marrow, and a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart".

Why do we need a dividing of soul and spirit, and how does this apply to us personally? In this teaching, Ian Clayton walks through the dividing of soul and spirit and why this is an important step to walking in the spirit.
Our Price: NZ$5.00

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