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You have arrived at the Resource Centre for Son of Thunder Ministries. We hope you will enjoy greater access to all the teaching resources that are now available via MP3 downloads.

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Son of Thunder is the Itinerant Ministry of Ian Clayton

This Resource Site contains all the teaching and conference resources that are currently available from Son of Thunder Ministries.

Realms of the Kingdom Volume 1


Ian's first book is now available for order. Click the above link for more information on how to obtain your copy

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Latest Products



In this teaching set, Ian Clayton discusses why our relationship with God is not about chasing spiritual experiences to know God, but about chasing the person of God and as a result having spiritual experiences with Him.
Sapphire Stones Conference

Sapphire Stones Conference

This conference set is from our 2014 Annual Conference in New Zealand

The following sessions are include in this set

  • Come Up Here - Ian Clayton
  • Mystic Acceleration - Justin Abraham
  • Under the Shadow of a Tree - Ian Clayton
  • Ascension - Karl Whitehead
  • Turning From Offence - Lindi Masters
  • Through the Door - Lindi Masters
  • Ekstasis - Justin Abraham
  • Through the Matrix - Ian Clayton
  • The Mystic Feast - Justin Abraham
The Four Chambers of the Heart

The Four Chambers of the Heart

In this teaching set Ian Clayton speaks about the deepest levels of intimacy that we can develop with the person of God within our heart.


In this teaching set Ian Clayton speaks about the overshadowing voice of the sun, moon and stars and how we as sons of God are called to govern over creation. In each session Ian protocols on how to untether ourselves from the 12 Houses of the Mazzaroth, the sun and moon and the planets of our own solar system.
Sessions included in this teaching set:
  • Unfurling the Mazzaroth
  • Unhooked from Time
  • The Solar System
This set also includes 3 accompanying diagrams