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Welcome to the Son of Thunder Resources Site

You have arrived at the Resource Centre for Son of Thunder Ministries. We hope you will enjoy greater access to all the teaching resources that are now available via MP3 downloads.

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Son of Thunder is the Itinerant Ministry of Ian Clayton

This Resource Site contains all the teaching and conference resources that are currently available from Son of Thunder Ministries.

The Order of Melchizedek

The Nest

The Nest is an online training base for anyone who wants to come into maturity as a son in the Kingdom of God.

It is a 3 year program made up of 3 x trimesters per year (with 12 weeks in each semester).

Each year progressively builds on the last year and takes you deeper into the mysteries of the Word of God.You will enjoy over 130 training sessions a year, hosted by a variety of amazing speakers.


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Many thanks to Adam Butterick for this awesome animated graphic of the Gateways of the Threefold Nature of Man

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Latest Products

Into the Future Part One

Into the Future Part One

To know where we are heading, it is important to understand our beginning.

In this series of teaching, Ian Clayton delves into Creation our First Estate, Seraphim and the role of Wisdom in our lives.

This series contains the following sessions
  • Creation Part 1
  • Creation Part 2
  • Creation Part 3
  • Creation Part 4
  • The First Estate
  • The Seraphim
  • Wisdom
Included in this set is a PDF file containing all the diagrams drawn by Ian during each session.

PLEASE NOTE : The audio in this set was not recorded through a sound desk and therefore contains background noise that could not be removed via editing.
Into the Future Part Two

Into the Future Part Two

This set is Part Two of the Into The Future series

In this series of teaching, Ian Clayton delves into the Nine Ages that have shaped our past and our future. How light functions around us. What it means to advocate on behalf of a nation and how our Intent engages creation.

This series contains the following sessions
  • Nine Ages
  • Light
  • Moshe the Advocate
  • The Nine Ages (Bonus session)
  • Engaging with Intent
  • Genesis One Unfolded